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New Car Sales Manager
(715) 241-6444

Kocourek Chevrolet was the first building to display the name Kocourek. There is special management responsibility that accompanies that designation. Ask Derek what words best define Kocourek, his reply is 'challenging' and 'energetic'. Then, what might best describe himself: 'committed' and 'reliable'. Conclusion? Derek and Kocourek are a good fit. In order to meet challenges, managers must be committed to the every task, large and small, day in, day out. And the only way energy can be maintained is if team members know they can rely on each other for support and encouragement. Derek manages the inventory and distribution of new vehicles at Kocourek Chevrolet. He not only does his job, but, because of what Kocourek stands for, he feels it.

Used Sales Manager
(715) 241-6437

Service Manager
(715) 241-6409

AJ has the wonderful perspective of looking back on a couple decades of membership on the Kocourek team. He's also a second generation Kocourek veteran, following in his father's footsteps. AJ thoroughly enjoys his role as Service Manager at Kocourek Chevrolet. It's the first location on which the Kocourek name was placed years ago and there's a real sense of pride in being the flagship of the Kocourek fleet. It carries a real sense of responsibility because it has the longest reputation to maintain. Getting to the top is sometimes less difficult than staying on top, but Kocourek continues to lead the way. A service department is only as good as the professionals who do the work, and AJ has put together a team that's well-known and respected.

Parts Manager
(715) 241-6414

It's a luxury to have associates in the parts department who have also served in other service department capacities, especially as service technician! Keith is one of those individuals who, when he locates and provides a part, has a working knowledge of exactly where the part fits, how it functions, how it's installed and what accessories are needed. Being an integral part of the vehicle repair and maintenance process is special to Keith. He's doing something he truly enjoys - and that's a good perspective to have when teaching his sons to make the most of every opportunity in life. When you love what you do for a living, it makes living every other moment, like spending time with the family, that much more complete. By the way, Keith is another Kocourek Team member who likes to cook. It's getting clearer that a company cook-off may be in our future!



Sales & Leasing Consultant
(715) 241-6443

Here's a guy who's been around the block. He came with a truckload of experience when he joined the sales and leasing team at Kocourek Chevrolet. He's a 'been there, done that' kind of guy, having raised three children with his wife of over 30 years, becoming a grandfather and lots more - yet, when asked what three words best describe Kocourek, his answer is 'Life changing experience'. That feels pretty good. When someone brings decades of working experience and still finds fresh, exciting qualities in a new job, it means we must be doing something right. Brian's enjoying the art of working with guests to find and take home a vehicle they love.

Delivery Coordinator
(715) 241-6435

It's interesting to note that, when he a was a young boy, Brian had thoughts of becoming a chiropractor, a firefighter or an ambulance driver. Today, he's a Product & Delivery Specialist, which means he's very much in the helping-people business, however it's making adjustments to fit guests' transportation needs, rather than adjusting bones or carrying them down ladders. It's not surprising to hear that the favorite part of his job is interacting with and helping guests. Helping people must have been part of his character from an early age.

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(715) 359-7200

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(715) 241-6426

You have to know that something's clicking when people become so impressed with the place they buy cars that they decide they want to be part of the action! Kim bought several vehicles from Kocourek Chevrolet in the past and now, as a sales and leasing pro, he looks back on several years of helping others do the same. Members of the Sales Team are dedicated to making guests feel comfortable with the Kocourek experience and then very comfortable with the vehicle they take home.

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(715) 359-7200

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(715) 241-6427

Mike remembers the day he first saw Kocourek Chevrolet as he drove past on the highway. He was impressed. That was twelve years ago and now he's very much a part of that good impression. Today, as a Sales & Leasing professional, he sees other people on that same highway, and is reminded and proud of the fact that Kocourek plays such a major role in keeping North Central Wisconsin moving. Every day he helps guests find the car or truck they need and each experience is as exciting and satisfying as the first.

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(715) 241-6431

Honestly, we don't have enough space here to tell you all there is to say about this guy's experience. Terry's been handing keys and keyless remotes to guests of Kocourek (over 5,000 of 'em) for nearly 30 years! In fact, here's a bit of advice: given his track record of helping people so very well all these years, he claims he's developed the ability to read minds. So, when you meet Terry, be aware of what you're thinking! All kidding aside, with so much water already downstream in this illustrious career, Terry could simply maintain the status quo and no one would fault him. But that's not his style. He doesn't look back very often. He prefers to look ahead - and slowing down isn't an option. Maybe someday, but not today. We'll take the time to congratulate him but are smart enough to then get out of his way.

Sales & Leasing Consultant
(715) 359-7200



Service Advisor
(715) 241-6411

First, let's set the record straight - he likes being known as 'Charlie' better than 'Charles' - but sometimes things have to be official. He's the guy who, when the mold was made for people who would be very good at helping others discover a perfect transportation fit - and enjoy it immensely - well, they may have used his profile. Assisting guests, from the moment they arrive until they drive away in something new, is what he's all about. He actually feels guilty getting paid for something he enjoys so much but isn't about to change the arrangement. Sales done right become relationships. It's one thing to know that and quite another to live it. Charles - uh, Charlie - lives it.

Service Advisor
(715) 241-6407

Greg didn't go on to become the scientist he thought he might like to be as a young guy full of plans and dreams. He has, however, become proficient at social science - the art of interacting with the driving public, especially at times when there may be apprehension. Unless a guest drives in for routine maintenance, there may be question marks attached to the need for a visit. A Service Advisor, like Greg, is an important ambassador for making a guest feel comfortable and confident that, whatever the situation, this team will take care of it and wheels will be turning again soon. Greg learned about employment opportunities and made his application at the Kocourek website. You might like to consider that as well, if and when the notion of moving up or moving on occurs.

Service Advisor
(715) 241-6410

People look to Molly for answers. All sorts of people. Certainly, guests who drive into the Kocourek Chevrolet service department depend on her for answers. "How long might this take?" "Can you explain what's going to be done?" "I have to get back to work, can I utilize your courtesy shuttle?" Those are questions asked of Kocourek Service Advisors each and every day. Answers are immediate and complete. But Molly is often approached for advice and perspective by fellow team members as well. The reason is simple. When you've been on the job over thirty years, chances are you've seen and done it all. The experience of time is priceless. Team members with Molly's know-how are too. Thanks, Molly.

Service Advisor
(715) 241-6408

What better person to have as a Service Advisor than someone who has spent a lot of time getting his hands dirty as a Service Technician. Ryan's been there and it's why his position at Kocourek Chevrolet fits so very well. Actually, technicians are also adept in an advisory role - because they uncover reasons and then determine the extent of necessary repair or maintenance. So, the transition from technician to advisor is a natural one. In the end, every guest receives assistance from a team of advisors, working together to make the Kocourek Service experience a seamless one. On the topic of hidden talents, Ryan says he "just gets by with what he was given". Let's make it clear: humility is definitely a talent and it's just one of Ryan's many fine attributes.

Service Advisor
(715) 359-7200

Parts Advisor
(715) 241-6417

Parts Advisor
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Finance Manager
(715) 241-6458

Being ambidextrous is to have the ability to use both the right and left hands equally well. Tom considers himself as having that talent with some things. Well, think about. Jugglers have to be very ambidextrous and as Business Manager at Kocourek Chevrolet, Tom's juggling facts, figures and options every minute of every day. Tom's the guy who a guest meets just after the dream of finding the right car comes true and it's time to dot the i's and cross the t's to make it all a reality. But, keep in mind, relationships with guests are long-term. There's only one thing better than helping a guest buy or lease a car; that's doing it a second and third time, because the relationship works so smoothly. If he could have a super hero power, Tom says it would be to predict the future. Here's our shot at it: when you meet Tom, we predict you'll get along famously.

Finance Manager
(715) 241-6412